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Optics & Accessories

Optics & Accessories

Red River Reloading & Outdoors offers a great selection of rifle and pistol optics, night vision scopes, thermal imaging, spotting scopes and binoculars. It is believed by many, us included, that the optics are the most important part of a hunter or shooters tool kit. A rule of thumb is to spend twice as much on the optics as the weapon. Sometimes, this isn't an option so we recommend spending as much as you can. Good optics will be with you for a long time if properly maintened so look at it as an investment instead of a spend. We offer many brands of scopes, monoculars, binoculars and night vision products for any type of hunting or shooting activity you will be engaged in.

The mounting system is also a critical selection when purchasing a scope. The height of the mount for your comfort and obtaining the best field of view for your weapon is key to successful target shooting and hunting. We offer many styles of scope mounting systems, bases and rings to help you achieve the best fit.

There are a lot of different types and brands of rifle scopes, reticles, turrets and glass available. It is a topic that should be studied and the products should be researched before purchasing one for yourself.

Some things to consider when purchasing a rifle or pistol scope:

  • What will the scopes primary use be. If your hunting at close range, you may not necessarily choose a scope with high magnification.
  • If you are going to be making long range shots, what type of turrets and reticle will you need. The tools you use for making your calculations may determine your selection.
  • What about low light situations? If your hunting at dusk and dawn primarily, will your scope selection bring in enough light to help you make a successful shot?
  • Scope durability is also something to consider. If your operating with one of our Armed Services your selection may be considerably different than somebody plinking with a 22LR.
  • How to mount the scope. This is a personal preference that may take time to develop. We recommend trying several mounts until you find something you are happy with that is functional for you. Keep the spare mounts and scope rings in a parts bin, they will come in handy later for another weapon or on one of your buddies.
  • How much should I spend? This is perhaps the hardest question. As most things your budget will try to dictate your spend. We strongly recommend spending over your budget. Again, optics are an investment and worth saving for if necessary. Good optics may make the difference between the one that got away and putting dinner on the table.
  • Can you spend too much? Absolutely, try to choose the right scope for your application. It doesn't make any sense besides having fancy expensive equipment to put a high dollar scope on a rifle that will never be a precision rifle. What makes sense is to purchase something that will get your job done plus some.
  • What about magnification? If you're only shooting at 100 yards because your limited by the length of your range or your competetion you may choose a fixed power scope over something with magnification. If you want to be able to see tiny holes in your target clearly at several hundred yards, you may choose something with a higher fixed power or with adjustable magnification. If your in combat situations or self defense, you may want the largest field of view possible and a very low magniifcation level or perhaps even a red dot sight or hologram sight with zero magnification.

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