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fn 57 brass and bulletsHey we like bargains too! If our suppliers offer us a discount, we will pass it on to you. Shop On Sale!

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223 brass bullet comboLooking for brass, bullets, dies for your reloading press or reloading tools? Shop Reloading

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   PLEASE NOTE: We are currently up to 17 business days out on shipping. Thanks for your patience!
   Warehouse 2 Ships 1-3 Biz Days | Warehouse 4 Ships 3-9 Biz Days | Warehouse 5 Ships 12-15 Biz Days
We may have to cancel orders with high demand ammo (9mm/40 Cal/223/5.56/45/300 AAC/308/7.62) due to the delay in inventory updates with our warehouses.

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For the fastest service, please contact us by e-mail using the form below with any questions or comments.

We are open from 9-5 CST Mon-Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the item in-stock? If an item shows in-stock on our website then 99% of the time we have it. If for some reason we don't we'll let you know quickly.

2. Do you ship outside of the Continental US? No (yes we do know that Alaska and Hawaii are States still don't ship there)

3. Do you offer military/law enforcement discounts? Yes but not on ammo or magazines our margins are too low. If you are active or retired military or LE and need a firearm or optics we have a little more wiggle room to help you out.

4. How much is it to ship to my zip code? You can get a shipping estimate from your shopping cart by entering your state and zip code.

5. Do you offer free shipping? We don't have any free shipping deals or coupons or quantity shipping price breaks. Items that are free shipping will be labeled as such. We encourage you to experiment with the quantity of items in your shopping cart because you may find spots with a better shipping price per box.(the economy of scale). What we do offer is good customer service, we typically have a very fast turnaround and employees are paid a living wage.

6. Why is the shipping so high? Occasionally we have products with an incorrect weight in our system. We are happy to check any item you feel is high. Please use the form below and provide either the product name or mpn.

7. Why don't you use USPS? So our customers don't have to deal with and or have long wait times to receive a credit for a lost, stolen or damaged package. With FEDEX and UPS we can deal with any problems that may arise much more painlessly. 

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Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 9-5 CST

Before calling please note:
1. We don't have any primers or powder
2. We probably don't have any 380,9mm,40 Cal,45 ACP,223/5.56,300 AAC,308/7.62
3. We don't manufacture ammunition
4. Check the ship dates above. Business days are Mon-Friday. Saturday and Sunday don't count.
5. We are currently 7 days behind on returning phone calls. Please e-mail if possible.

Phone: 512-827-8651
(please e-mail us for a faster response)