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We offer nearly everything you will need for centerfire rifle reloading, pistol reloading, shotshell reloading and lead bullet casting. You can truly never have enough reloading equipment because it is a very addictive and fun hobby. If you are new and considering reloading for your rifle or pistol, you should first consider what your goals are for reloading. Are you reloading strictly for economy? Are you reloading for accuracy? What weapons or weapons are you considering reloading for? What is the volume of shooting you plan to do? Asking yourself these questions and answering them before you start could save you time, money and provide you with a better outcome. Reloading is a never ending hunt for accuracy, economy, education and often times experimentation. It is a puzzle of very complex factors that determine what your ultimate firing solution for a particular objective will be.

Reloading can also be dangerous, take what you read on the internet with a grain of salt. Follow the guidelines in your reloading manual. If you're ever not confident in your ammunition or your assembly, do not use the ammunition. If you ever have questions, please contact the component manufacturer. All of them are very knowledgeable and ready to help. Be careful, wear your eye protection when reloading. Check everything twice and use quality reloading components and your experience will be satisfactory or better.

Reloading Components:

Reloading components are all of the pieces involved in your finished product. We recommend using the highest quality components that you can afford if you are chasing zeros and looking for the tightest groups possible from your weapon. If you're an occasional shooter and extreme accuracy isn't as important to you but shooting a lot is, you may want to select less expensive components for your ammunition. Regardless, the quality of the components that you select will affect the accuracy of your ammunition. Get the best reloading components you can afford!


Brass for Reloading

All of the components of reloading are very important including the brass. If you start with high quality brass you will end up with more accurate ammo and perhaps be able to reload the brass a few times but you will spend more per piece than buying used range brass or reprocessed brass. Again, it depends on your usage situation. If your goal is to have some fun and plink at targets or metal gongs, then pinpoint accuracy isn't required. On the other hand, if your goal is to have an accurate hunting round or to have match performance ammunition for your precision rifle then every bit of quality in your reloading components means a more accurate result.

Bullets For Reloading

We will stress again that the quality of the bullet and it's design is just as important of a selection criteria as the brass or the other reloading components. There are seemingly endless bullet choices for popular calibers of weapons and sometimes fewer choices for less popular calibers and even less selections for some wildcat cartridges. Your bullet selection will depend entirely on your goal and your weapon. If your hunting whitetail deer for example, you will probably want to select a bullet that is bonded and will stay together and expand inside a target. If you're shooting gongs with your AR 15, you might want to use steel core ball 223 ammo because it make a nice ring. If you're long range match shooting, you will probably select a elongated boat tail bullet or one with a ballistic tip. If you're cowboy shooting, you will want high quality lead cast bullets. Again, the possibilities are endless. One important thing to consider with bullet selection besides your primary goals is your weapon system. Is the bullet size and shape optimal for your barrel length and the twist of your weapon system?

Powder and Primers

We don't currently stock either powders or  primers. Here is our advice on purchasing these reloading components. We recommend using the highest quality primers and powders you can afford. They will make every bit of difference in the accuracy potential of your ammunition. There are a lot of choices of powders available all with different burn rates and shapes and other features. Each weapon will respond differently to your powder loads and obtaining the highest level of accuracy for your platform will take some experimentation with your selected reloading components. Final advice on primers and powder, find something you like and buy a bunch. Get 8 or 16lbs or more of powder and go ahead and buy enough primers for a few years. You will save some money in hazmat fees and some time with trips to the sporting goods or gun store.

Reloading Tools

In addition to the components for reloading, you will also need a few tools. Just like any other tool, you get what you pay for. The higher end tools will be machined to tighter tolerances, perhaps made with higher quality metals and will usually last longer. Tools are an investment so we recommend buying the best tools you can afford. A lot of the reloading tools are universal across calibers but some are specific to your particular cartridge. There are several manufacturers of reloading equipment. Everyone has their opinions but honestly, they are all good brands that will do anything for your loyalty as a customer.

Reloading Presses

The most important tool in your belt will be your reloading press. With it, your show stops so take good care of her, keep her lubed up and properly adjusted. Keep spare parts on hand for your particular reloading press. The selection of a press will have a lot to do with your goals. If you want to crank out thousands of rounds of ammo in a few hours you may choose a progressive(multi station) reloading press. If your going to be working with a few boxes of hunting ammo or developing precision long range shooting rounds, a single state press might be a better selection. There are several manufacturers of reloading presses, they are all very good machines. Each will have features that may or may not be needed depending on your reloading goals.

Reloading Dies

Again, there are a lot of choices here for most calibers of ammunition. Like any other tool the more you spend the better the tool. Dies are sold individually or as sets. The dies you select will depend on your weapon, the caliber of ammunition you will be producing and your budget. We recommend spending more here. It will be a huge difference at a nominal price over the length of your investment into reloading.

Reloading Calipers and Other Hand Tools

Equally as important as the components and other tools are your calipers and other hand tools designed specifically for reloading.

Scales and Powder Measuring

We recommend spending money here and to have a backup for each of the tools that you will be using to reload on a regular basis. Your tools are a very important part of your ultimate finished product. Treat them well, keep them lubed if necessary, calibrate them frequently.

Bullet Molds

In addition to purchasing pre-made bullets for reloading, you can make your own bullets by casting them form lead and other materials.

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