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Calipers and Tools

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Calipers & Tools

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Forster Hg0300N Headspace Gage 300 Blackout, N
Hg0300N Headspace Gage 300 Blackout, NHg0300N Headspace Gage 300 Blackout, NManufacturer: ForsterMPN..
Our Price: $21.92
Location: Warehouse 4
Hornady 300 Blackout Cartridge Gauge
Hornady 300 Blackout Cartridge GaugeHornady 300 Blackout Cartridge GaugeManufacturer: HornadyMPN: 38..
Our Price: $18.37
Location: Warehouse 4
Hornady 6.5 Crdmr Cartridge Gauge
Hornady 6.5 Crdmr Cartridge GaugeHornady 6.5 Crdmr Cartridge GaugeManufacturer: HornadyMPN: 380710 A..
Our Price: $18.37
Location: Warehouse 4
Hornady Digitial Caliper
HORNADY DIGITAL CALIPER Hornady Digital Caliper Manufacturer: HornadyMPN: 050080 HDY050080 HDY0500..
Our Price: $35.88
Location: Warehouse 4
Hornady LNL OAL GAUGE CURVEDHornady LNL OAL GAUGE CURVEDManufacturer: HornadyMPN: C1550 HDYC1550 C15..
Our Price: $37.94
Location: Warehouse 4
Hornady Lock-N-Load Headspace Gauge 5 Bushing Set
Hornady Lock-N-Load Headspace Gauge 5 Bushing Set Manufacturer: HornadyMPN: HK55About the Manufactu..
Our Price: $25.65
Location: Warehouse 4
Hornady Micrometer
Hornady MicrometerHornady MicrometerManufacturer: HornadyMPN: 050072 About the Manufacturer"Ten bull..
Our Price: $46.06
Location: Warehouse 4
Hornady Steel Dial Caliper
Hornady Steel Dial CaliperHornady Steel Dial CaliperManufacturer: HornadyMPN: 050075 HDY050075 About..
Our Price: $43.91
Location: Warehouse 4
Hornady Vernier Ball Micrometer
Hornady Vernier Ball MicrometerHornady Vernier Ball MicrometerManufacturer: HornadyMPN: 050059 About..
Our Price: $73.55
Location: Warehouse 4
Lee 6.5 Creedmoor Gauge/Holder
Lee 6.5 Creedmoor Gauge/HolderLee 6.5 Creedmoor Gauge/HolderManufacturer: Lee PrecisionMPN: 90814 Ab..
Our Price: $5.30
Location: Warehouse 4
Lyman E-Zee Case Trim Gauge
Lyman E-Zee Case Trim GaugeLyman E-Zee Case Trim GaugeManufacturer: LymanMPN: 7832215 LY7832215 Abou..
Our Price: $23.72
Location: Warehouse 4
Lyman Electronic Caliper
Lyman Electronic CaliperLyman Electronic CaliperManufacturer: LymanMPN: 7832218 LY7832218 About the ..
Our Price: $37.91
Location: Warehouse 4
Lyman Stainless Steel Caliper
Lyman Stainless Steel CaliperLyman Stainless Steel CaliperManufacturer: LymanMPN: 7832212 LY7832212 ..
Our Price: $37.08
Location: Warehouse 4
MEC Digital Caliper
MEC Digital CaliperMEC Digital CaliperManufacturer: Mec ReloadingMPN: MEC1311079 ..
Our Price: $52.71
Location: Warehouse 4
Our Price: $8.72
Location: Warehouse 4

Calipers & Tools

Calipers & Tools

There are a great number of tools available for reloading that are either recommended, necessary, conveniences or gimmicks. Like any other tool, the level of precision you can achieve in a product is directly rated to the quality of your equipment all of the way from your reloading press to your calipers and other hand tools. If your purchasing precision reloading componets from Hornady, Sierra, Nosler, Lapua etc. and quality reloading powders, you should also have the best tools on your bench or its like putting a $100 scope on $2000 rifle. It might work ok but it isn't going to give you the most of your rifle or pistols capabilities.

If you are new to reloading, please don't rush into it. The best thing you can do to get started now is to purchase a reloading press kit and dies for your caliber. The reloading kit will have most of the tools you will need. You will also need some quality new rifle or pistol brass, bullets, primers and powder. We recommend doing some research so that you fully understand each process of centerfire reloading before you purchase anything more than a reloading press kit, some dies and your reloading components.

A Few Necessary Tools for Reloading:

  1. Reloading Calipers - there are many brands and types available. We recommend getting 2. You will find your favorite amongst them and have the 2nd caliper as a spare.
  2. Headspace gauges - in order to make sure your final product will properly fit in your chamber before you actually put it into the chamber, you should use a headspace gauge.  

A Few Optional But Recommended Tools for Reloading:

  1. Concentricity Gauge - this gauge will measure that your bullet is seated perfectly concentric to the case neck opening. The bullet concentricity gauge will also typically allow you to nudge the bullet a bit for proper alignment. This tool if used properly will improve your accuracy by insuring the bullet is engaging the lands of your weapon uniformly and centered each time.
  2. Neck Turning Tool - this tool will equalize and optimize the neck tension for your cartridges ensuring that there is an equal amount of pressure on each bullet which will equate to more consistent velocities. Consistent velocities are a part of the equation to producing an accurate round for your weapon so this tool is recommended.

Your calipers will be one of the reloading tools that you will use the most and perhaps the one that is the most important. Purchase nice expensive calipers because they will probably be easier to use, more accurate and more durable than less expensive models. Like any tool, you usually get what you pay for with reloading tools so they are a good investment always!

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