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Wild Boar Spicy Breakfast Sausage

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Don't buy that stuff in the plastic tube anymore. It's full of who knows what and from who knows where. Not to mention typical grocery store breakfast sausage is very high in fat. You can see a lot of what you purchased rendered out into your pan when you cook it.  The recipe below is for your typical spicy sage breakfast sausage. You can make this with ground pork if you don't have access to sweet wild boar. 

3 lbs cubed wild boar (silver skin, connective tissue, hair and bone removed) if your boar is lean, add 10-15% fat trimmings.
3 tsps dried sage o2 2 tsps finely chopped fresh sage
3 tsps salt
2 tsps ground black pepper
1 tsp dried marjoram or 1/2 tsps fresh marjoram
2 tbs  brown sugar or honey
1 tbs crushed red pepper or 1-2 finely chopped seeded jalapeno or serrano peppers
1 tsp ground clove

1. Mix all of the dry spices together.
2. Season the cubed wild boar while tossing it to make sure the seasonings are distributed well

3. Grind the wild boar and the spices together on coarse 
4. Poach or pan fry a patty, taste and adjust your seasonings 
5. Grind again with your hamburger die or finer if you prefer
6. Patty it all up and freeze the patties unwrapped (except what you are going to eat for the next few days)

7. If you have a bunch of sausage, make freezer safe packages of 1-2 lbs with butcher paper and return to freezer

8. If you only have a few lbs of wild boar sausage then, throw the patties into a zip lock and return to freezer.


If your patties are frozen, either get them out the day before to thaw in your refrigerator or use the defrost on your microwave to slowly thaw them. Pan fry the sausage over medium heat in olive oil, bacon grease or your favorite oil until they are cooked through. Hopefully, you have enough good drippings from making pan sausage and some bacon to make some green onion pan gravy.  I'll cover that recipe in another post. Eat wild and enjoy!

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