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Savage Arms .243/7-08/.260 .308 Axis/11/16 Trophy Hunter 4 Round Box Magazine Blued

Savage Arms .243/7-08/.260 .308 Axis/11/16 Trophy Hunter 4 Round Box Magazine Blued
.243/7-08/.260 .308 Axis/11/16 Trophy Hunter 4 Round Box Magazine Blued
Manufacturer Savage Arms
MPN: 55232
Availability: 187
Location: Warehouse 5
MSRP: $41.00
OUR PRICE: $35.32 (Save 14 %)
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Savage .243/7-08/.260 .308 Axis/11/16 Trophy Hunter 4 Round Box Magazine Blued

Product Information
-For Savage Axis
-.308 Win / .300 Savage / .260 Rem / .250 Savage / 7mm-08 Rem / 6.5 Creedmoor / .243 Win
-4 rounds
-Blued steel
Manufacturer: Savage
MPN: 55232
Capacity: 4 Rounds
Finish: Matte Blued
Material: Steel

Fits:axis/axis S/s,11 Light
Weight Hunter,11 Trophy Hunter
Xp,11 Lady Hunter,11 Hunter Xp
,& 16 Trophy Hunter Xp
Fits:.243 Win,7mm-08 Rem,6.5
Creedmoor,.260 Rem,.308 Win,&
.338 Federal

About the Manufacturer
The Savage Arms Company was organized in 1894 by Arthur Savage in Utica, New York. A native of Jamaica, Arthur led a romantic life, having been schooled in England and the United States. In his thirties, he explored the interior of Australia and was held captive for a year by Aborigines. Later, he became the owner of the largest cattle ranch in Australia.

After moving to Utica, New York, he developed the Savage Halpine torpedo, became the Superintendent of the Utica Belt Line Railroad, and invented the first "hammerless" lever action rifle with the entire mechanism enclosed in a steel receiver. This remarkable rifle featured a rotary magazine with a unique counter that visually displayed the number of bullets remaining in the receiver. The Model 99, as it became known, advanced firearm technology, offered the average person an affordable rifle, and started a business that has stood the test of time. In 1919, Chief Lame Deer approached Arthur to purchase lever-action rifles for the Indian reservation and the two men struck a deal. The tribe would get discounted rifles and Savage would get their support and endorsement. It was at this time in the company's history, that Arthur Savage added the Indian head logo--a direct gift from the Chief--to the company name. By 1919, Savage Arms was manufacturing high power rifles, 22 caliber rifles, pistols and ammunition.

During World War I, Savage merged with Driggs-Seabury Ordnance Company, and made Lewis machine guns. In 1920, Savage purchased J. Stevens Arms, a company which was associated with the famous barrel maker, Harry Pope. Later, Savage acquired the assets of Page Lewis Company, Davis-Warner Arms, Crescent Firearms, and A.H. Fox, thereby becoming the largest firearm company in the free world.

During World War II, Savage contributed literally millions of firearms to the campaign, converting its factories to accommodate heavy munitions. After the war, Savage had excess capacity and adopted some of its manufacturing processes to alternate consumer products, including the world's first motorized lawnmower.

Between the early 1960's and late 1980's, numerous public and private corporations owned and sold Savage Arms, culminating in a reorganization of the business and a filing for bankruptcy protection in early 1988. Ronald Coburn was named president/CEO and redefined the future of the business. The company downsized and produced only the model 110 bolt-action rifle until mid 1989.

By early 1990, the company was once again on a secure footing, having developed a strategy to build superior products at a reasonable price, something the competition could not match. Savage continued to redefine value during the 1990's, developing new products, improving materials and adding features that were only available in much higher-priced rifles.

Savage became a "consumer sensitive" company, adopting many of the ideas and suggestions offered by firearm users. Management spent time in the field, listening to hunters, talking with guides and comparing notes with industry writers, many of which have since become good friends and confidants over the years. And, since there is no substitute for hands-on experience, management took all new products into the field themselves to learn and appreciate the features and benefits of any new offerings, and fine-tune as needed.

In the 1990s, Savage designed and patented the SNAIL, an environmentally friendly shooting range system that has since been adopted by all major firearms manufacturers, police, military and private shooting clubs in America and 14 other countries. The NRA, FBI and numerous special forces currently use the SNAIL Savage system. The Company acquired a factory in Canada to produce rimfire rifles.

Savage Arms is proud of its' reputation for product improvements and has become the standard for accuracy in the industry. In 2003, the company introduced the new AccuTriggerâ„¢, a trigger design so revolutionary it will forever change the way shooters expect triggers to function. This user-adjustable trigger allows a crisp, light trigger pull that still protects against accidental discharge when jarred or dropped. The fact that so many other rifle manufacturers have developed me-too versions of this system is a testament to Savage's innovation and leadership setting new standards for the industry.

In 2009, as its competitors were busy knocking off the AccuTrigger, Savage launched the AccuStock, which provides similar performance gains to custom glass-bedding in an inexpensive, mass-produced synthetic stock. This new system consists of a rigid aluminum rail system that is molded into the stock. Rather than securing the action at one or two points, the AccuStock engages the action three-dimensionally along its entire length.

The entrepreneurial spirit that originally defined the company is still evident in its ongoing focus on continuous innovations, quality and value. Savage history is being rewritten every day by the women and men who dedicate themselves to making some of the most innovative and accurate firearms available.
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Aurora 15 rounds or less
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Oak Park 10 rounds or less
Riverdale 35 rounds or less of centerfire

South Bend 15 rounds or less

Wichita 20 rounds or less

Massachusetts 10 rounds or less
Maryland 10 rounds or less
New Jersey 15 rounds or less

New York
Buffalo 5 rounds or less
Pochester 5 rounds or less
New York City 5 rounds or less
All Others 10 rounds or less. Pre-ban magazines are not allowed

Cincinnati 10 rounds or less
Cleveland 20 rounds or less
Columbus 20 rounds or less
Dayton 10 rounds or less
Toledo 10 rounds or less
Washington DC No Magazines allowed

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