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Barnes 50 Caliber .451 285gr SPTF BT Muzzleloader +Sabot Bullets /15

Barnes 50 Caliber .451 285gr SPTF BT Muzzleloader +Sabot Bullets /15
Barnes 50 Caliber .451 285gr SPTF BT Muzzleloader +Sabot Bullets /15
Manufacturer Barnes
MPN: 30567
Availability: 4
Location: Warehouse 4
MSRP: $19.19
OUR PRICE: $13.40 (Save 30 %)
Price Per Piece: $0.893
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Warning this product is known to the state of California to cause [cancer] [birth defects or other reproductive harm].
The Barnes MZ muzzleloader bullets are known for their consistency and match-grade accuracy. On impact, these deadly all-copper bullets expand into six razor-sharp petals at velocities as low as 1,100 fps. Unique solid rear shank construction maintains the bullet's integrity, producing virtually 100 percent weight retention even at higher velocities. Deep penetration, reliable controlled expansion and unbeatable terminal performance are hallmarks of this muzzleloading version of the famed Barnes X-Bullet.

About the Manufacturer
Barnes Bullets has a long rich history.

2011 Expansion of VOR-TX line, Introduction of Match Burners and LRX lines
2010 Barnes Bullets acquired by the Freedom Group, VOR-TX Introduction
2009 Barnes relocates to Mona, Utah, Introduces M/LE line, Spit-Fire T-EZ muzzleloader bullets and the Barnes Buster line
2008 Introduction of the Tipped Triple-Shock (TTSX) line and Release BRM 4
2007 Barnes Celebrates 75 years of "Making Bullets The Way They Ought'a Be.", Introduction of Varmint Grenade and MPG lines
2006 Barnes Introduces the Maximum Range™ X Bullet® (MRX™) and the Spit-Fire TMZ™
2005 Offers Free DVD: "Choosing the Right Bullet".
2004 Introduced Spit-Fire MZ™ bullets
2003 Barnes Triple-Shock™ X Bullet® introduced!
2002 Barnes Burner Varminator Introduced
2001 BRM 3 Published
2000 Barnes Burner VLC Varmint Bullet Introduced
1999 Skip Talbot Sets New World Record
1997 XLC-Coated X Bullets introduced at SHOT show
1996 Barnes Moves!
1995 Accuracy World Record Set
1994 Barnes Introduces the Expander MZ and CR-10 Bore Cleaner
1992 BRM 1 introduced. XPB designed for the Military
1986 First Game Taken with an X Bullet
1985 Randy Brooks invents the X Bullet
1979 Barnes Solids Introduced
1974 Randy and Coni Brooks purchase the company
1939 Barnes began large scale manufacturing.
1932 Founded in 1932

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