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Brass Shell Recycling Program

    PLEASE NOTE: Most Orders Ship in 1-3 Business Days.
   We don't sell primers or powder and we do not offer backorders on any item.

Our brass recycling program is easy. We recommend shipping us your brass in USPS Flat Rate shipping cartons but that is not required. You will incur the shipping expense and the liability of the package until it arrives at our sorting facility. There are 3 ways you can trade your brass for store credit unsorted, sorted and sorted by headstamp. Please create an account on our website so that we can apply to store credit directly to your account.

All brass received should be clean and free of most dirt and debris. We don't accept any rimfire casings, steel/aluminum/plastic/steel casings or Berdan primed casings.

Prices last updated 4/16/2020

Unsorted Rifle and Pistol Brass -
            unsorted pistol brass $1.20lb
            unsorted rifle brass $1.40 lb
            unsorted mixed rifle/pistol brass $1.30lb

Sorted Pistol Brass -
           380 ACP/9mm/45 ACP/40 S&W Pistol Brass - $1.30lb
           All other centerfire pistol calibers $1.55lb

Sorted Rifle Brass -
           223/5.56/300 AAC $1.35lb
           308/7.62x51 $1.45lb
           All other Short Action Rifle Cartridges - $1.70lb
           Long Action Rifle Cartridges - $1.75lb
           Long Action Magnum Rifle Cartridges $1.80lb

Sorted Rifle and Pistol Brass By Headstamp -           
          380/9mm/45 ACP/40 S&W Pistol Brass - $1.50lb
          223/5.56/300 AAC $1.45lb
          308/7.62x51- $1.55lb
           All other Short Action Rifle Cartridges - $1.80lb
           Long Action Rifle Cartridges - $1.85lb
           Long Action Magnum Rifle Cartridges $1.90lb

Types of Cases and Things We Don't Want
Always check back on this page before shipping us your brass. From time to time we may stop accepting brass for certain calibers and will likely change our prices occasionally to adjust for scrap brass values and our demand. 

  • Live Ammunition - we do not accept live ammunition or dummy rounds of any type.
  • Steel or Aluminum Cases or Berdan Primed Cases - we do not accept steel or Berdan primed cases. If we receive them mixed in with other cases, they will be removed and discarded before your brass is weighed and a credit is issued.
  • Dented or Corroded Brass will not be accepted.
  • Rimfire Brass will not be accepted.

How Much Brass Will You Buy From Me?

We will accept up to 100lbs per customer per year for store credit. If you have more than 100lbs of brass a year then please contact us we might be interested.

How Long Does it Take to Receive Credit?

It depends on our volume, sometimes the same day, usually within 3 days, sometimes up to a week or a week and a half. If we are behind, we will attempt to communicate with you about the delay.

How And When Do I Use The Credit?

You will receive either a store credit to your customer account or a coupon code. If we receive multiple boxes at the same time from you then you will receive one  credit with a combined total. The credit will be issued upon us receiving and inspecting your brass. You will be notified by e-mail when the credit is issued.

The code cannot be transferred to another entity.

The codes must be used within 365 days of the coupon's issue date.

How to Ship Us Brass

1. Washing your brass- If your brass is filthy and dirty it needs to be washed. There are a lot of ways to easily accomplish washing. Youtube is a great resource for suggestions if you don't already have a cleaning method. Please do not send us wet brass. Please allow 24 hours+ after cleaning your brass before packaging it.

2. Sorting your brass - if your brass isn't already sorted and you wish to receive more per lb than unsorted brass then it will need to be sorted by caliber and or by caliber and headstamp. Please identify each headstamp and caliber and put them in separate heavy duty bags.

3. Packing your brass. If you are using USPS Flat Rate boxes pack them as full as you can to receive the most value for your brass. We strongly recommend double boxing or reinforcing the box with straps or heavy duty tape(especially at the corners and seams) and putting the brass inside of a heavy duty trash bag or several heavy duty bags. 

4. Create a Brass Purchase Order to help us keep track of your recycling and to receive our shipping address.

Click here to create a Brass Purchase Order

Please be sure to include a copy of your brass purchase order inside of each box including your return address, phone number and email address.

Right of Refusal

If your brass is deemed to be too dirty or of too poor of quality to purchase, we have the right to refuse the purchase. At this point, the customer will either need to pay for the shipping to have the brass returned within three weeks of notification or the brass will be scrapped and recycled.

Contact Us!

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 9-5 CST

Before calling please note:
1. We don't have any primers or powder
2. We don't manufacture ammunition or reload ammunition
3. Check the ship dates above. Business days are Mon-Friday. Saturday and Sunday don't count.
4. If you didn't receive a copy of your order please e-mail us. We are having difficulties delivering to comcast e-mail addresses.
5. We are currently 7 days behind on returning phone calls. Please e-mail if possible.

Phone: 512-827-8651
(please e-mail us for a faster response)