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Shooting Events

The US Run and Gun Association (USRGA) is proud to announce the inaugural 2018 Lone Star Armory Run and Gun Series and Championship. The first of its kind, the 2018 Lone Star Armory Run and Gun Series will consist of five run and gun events across the State of Texas throughout 2018, ending with a Championship. The winner of the Series Championship will be awarded first place in the entire series and the title of "2018 Lone Star Armory Series Champion."

Participating Events

Sons of the Desert Run and Gun 

Located an hour and a half South of San Antonio near Freer, TX

Events Held in late Winter/early Spring

Waco Tactical Fitness (WTF) Biathlon

Located in Crawford, TX just outside Waco

Usually held in April and October

Lone Star Armory Run and Gun Series Opener

Located in Cresson, TX

Scheduled for February 24 & 25, 2018

For more information please visit https://texasrunandgun.org