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Boker Knives

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Boker Knives

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Boker Knives 5 1/4
A practical pocket knife for the outdoorsman with all the superior qualities and with durable Delri..
Boker Knives Armed Forces Fixed Blade Clam
The first time you grab the handle of this knife, you will know that it will withstand harsh field u..
Boker Knives Bailey 3 Knife Throwing Set
The latest in design from famed knife thrower John Bailey. The unique lines and style of this 10 3/4..
Boker Knives Bailey Ziel 3-Pc Set
Set of 3 Bailey Ziel throwing knives in a convenient 3-compartment leather belt sheath.This is the t..
Boker Knives Bailey Ziel Thrower
This is the throwing knife that all professional and tournament throwers have been asking for. John ..
Boker Knives Black Damascus Ninja Sword
The Magnum Black Damascus Ninja Sword is a 200 layer hand-forged Damascus blade. It will leave an im..
Boker Knives Black Subcom Folder Serr
The Subcom F folding knife has a municipal-friendly blade, at 1 7/8" long and 1/16" thick. The black..
Boker Knives Blackfox Bf-434G10
Due to its skeletonized design, the 434 is also counts as a light-weight among pocket knives. The la..
Boker Knives Boker Arbolito Buffalo Soul 42
The Buffalo Soul, one of the most modern designs in the Arbolito series, has been complimented by th..
Boker Knives Boker Plus Anti-Grav
The companion to the Anti-MC also features a super sharp ceramic blade and unbelievably, an even lig..
Boker Knives Boker Plus Belt Clip Small
As a slim alternative to the Tek-Lok, Boker recommend this versatile new belt clip. The clip is scr..
Boker Knives Boker Plus Camo Defender
This Boker Plus pocket knife is designed to handle any task. Rugged, functional - ideal as an EDC. T..
Boker Knives Boker Plus Carnivore
Jim Burke's past as a SWAT team member has placed him in countless situations where it was necessary..
Boker Knives Boker Plus Credit Card Knife
A unique design from Massachusetts knife maker John Kubasek. With its compact dimensions, slim profi..
Boker Knives Boker Plus Fire Starter
The magnesium fire starter - an indispensable utensil in emergency situations. The chips produced wi..