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Clever Mirage T4 Soft Steel Hunting 12ga 1-1/4oz #3-Shot Ammunition /25

Clever Mirage T4 Soft Steel Hunting 12ga 1-1/4oz #3-Shot Ammunition /25
Mirage T4 Soft Steel Hunting 12ga 1-1/4oz #3-Shot Ammunition /25
Manufacturer Clever
Availability: 7
Location: Warehouse 4
MSRP: $91.11
OUR PRICE: $7.31 (Save 92 %)
Price Per Piece: $0.292
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Warning this product is known to the state of California to cause [cancer] [birth defects or other reproductive harm].

Clever Mirage T4 Soft Steel Hunting 12ga 1 1/4oz #3-Shot Ammunition /25

This cartridge is our forte, used with satisfaction by hunters all over the world. Thanks to its payload and high speed, it is particularly suitable for cold and damp climates, without loosing performance.

Manufacturer: Clever
Brand: Mirage T4 
Gauge: 12ga
Length: 3"
Shot Size: #3-Shot
Shot Weight: 1 1/4oz
Type: Shotshell Ammunition
Rounds Per Box: 25

Muzzle Velocity: 1300 fps

About the Manufacturer:

It was born in the 50s from the deep and sincere friendship that tied Chiampan brothers with other two guys. They were all enthusiastic shooters and hunters from Verona. As both a pastime and the pleasure to spend time together, they began to load their own cartridges by themselves. The immediate positive feedback among friends brought them shortly to buy a loading machine. The factory got the market rapidly.

The extraordinary speed of positive feedback was essential: those who loaded cartridges were also the end-users, so that they could review and improve any kind of articles immediately.
On that way quality pushed the sales of Clever products all over Italy very fast.

The family-run business for Clever has always been an essential feature, completely “made in Italy”, becoming a leader in the world of sporting cartridges.
In 1968 Clever already loaded more than 40 millions cartridges, maintaining the starting structure.

From 1978 onwards, with the arrival of the third generation of Chiampan managers, in the forward-looking perspective of markets diversification, Clever strongly specialized in exportation.

Among its customers includes the most important suppliers and shooters, as well as the most eminent shooting ranges all over the world.

On that way Clever cartridges became well known and appreciated everywhere for its excellent quality, keeping it stable, first of all, thanks to a continuous and obsessive supervision in every production phase, as well as the constant innovative research, that is able to offer always new and captivating products.

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